I Wish Influencers Would Stop Buying Fast Fashion

Something that has been bothering me to my core as of late, is that we idolize or look to these fashion influencers for the latest trends or even copy their looks head to toe. But what I can't stand is that almost everything is a link to a fast-fashion brand. If you are unfamiliar with what fast fashion is, it is Zara, H&M, Forever21, Fashion Nova, or TopShop to name a few.

I just think as someone who has such an influence, you should have some responsibility for the future of consumer culture, and idk, this lil thing called our planet.

There are so many options. Invest in more timeless pieces less trendy so you don't go through them as quickly, better quality, don't consume as much, thrift, rent your clothes (Rent The Runway or Nuuly are amazing companies).