Does Kimmy K despise Shake too?

Seeing Kim Kardashian getting wrapped head to toe in Balenciaga tape for Paris Fashion Week was fascinating to watch. I am truly impressed by her commitment level to lewks no matter how painful. She could barely walk!

However, it also makes me think how polar opposite we must be because I remember the exact moment I decided I was never going to wear a heel over 4 inches again after a year of living in NYC and realizing heels are not made for those who are about that subway life.

But then, seeing her post about how invested she is in Love is Blind 2 makes me think we could be besties eating sushi on the couch yelling at Shake together.

Now I have to know Kim's thoughts the Shane, Shania, Natalie triangle and if she agrees that Vanessa and Nick totally stepped it up as hosts this reunion!