Is The Johnny Depp Trial This Generations OJ?

So, I've been watching the Amber Heard v. Johnny Depp trial and I can't get enough. These two were so incredibly toxic with one another.

Obviously, this isn't exactly like OJ, nothing will ever compare to that white bronco barreling down the freeway, or the glove, or the actual intensity of the crime itself.

But to me, this is just as insane of a case that features an incredibly high-profiled, beloved celebrity. And when it comes to the details of the case, when it comes down to what these two did to one another. It's just wild.

Johnny literally said on the stand "drawing a penis on a painting wasn't top of mind". I'M SORRY WHAT IS HAPPENING. A PENIS?!

I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for Amber to take the stand.