The NYC vs LA debate has to stop

I saw this tweet the other day that NYC is fun hell and LA is shitty heaven and it has stuck with me because it is beyond accurate. I was in NYC for 20 years of my life and it is the most amazing city. Moving to LA was weird and the first year I didn't even move 100% of my stuff across the country because I was not convinced it would stick. Now after a year here, I get it. It's not NYC and never will be. But NYC isn't LA either. The two should not be compared, they have their own separate greatness.

Even when I'm annoyed that I have a car now and have to pay $6/gallon to fill it up, and bars close earlier and finding a proper bagel has been a challenge. When I wake up and it's sunny and warm in the dead of winter and I don't even have to drive that far to see just some of the most beautiful nature and landscapes and I have a smile from ear to ear because the edibles that I picked up on my way to the beach just kicked in. I'm ok with my shitty heaven.