Randall From 'Camp Getaway' Talks FOMO, Reality TV, & The Advice She Got From A 'Below Deck' Star

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Randall From 'Camp Getaway' Talks FOMO, Reality TV, & The Advice She Got From A 'Below Deck' Star

Any fan of Below Deck Mediterranean will remember deckhand Colin Macy-O'Toole as one of the nicest people to ever step a barefoot onto a mega yacht, so when Randall Klein, one of the eight cast members of Bravo's newest reality show Camp Getaway, tells me she reached out to Colin for advice about being on TV, it comes as no surprise to learn he was kind and responsive.

"We had a mutual friend," Randall, 34, tells me about he she got in touch with Colin, "and he was just super supportive. He was just like, 'Just have fun with it!' He's such a nice guy."

Randall took Colin's short but sweet advice to heart and ended up loving her experience on Camp Getaway. The show focuses on eight social coordinators, of whom Randall is one, at, you guessed it, Camp Getaway, a 300-acre summer camp on a lake in Kent, Conn.

Each weekend, adult campers arrive on Friday evenings and leave Sunday afternoon, and in the 60 or so hours they're there, they get to act like they're at summer camp — but this time, with booze. There's everything from arts and crafts to yoga to ropes course activities to water skiing, and every night there's a big party. The social coordinator's job is to make sure all the campers feel included and are living their best life.

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Randall, who grew up in Long Island, N.Y., and now lives in New York City, had heard about the camp, which is about two hours north of the city, through a good friend. "I thought it looked super cool," she says of Camp Getaway. "I knew about [the camp], but I didn't really realize the roles, and how you could work there and stuff," she says. "And then, it just so happened that they were also doing the show there. So it was kind of, for me, like a win-win."

But, it wasn't so effortless at the start. "The description of being a social coordinator, I'm like, oh, well that's who I am anyway. That's like, my being. I love connecting people, so this should be easy," she says. "I was young back then... " she laughs, and sighs. Camp wasn't always sunshine and s'mores for Randall, as camp director David Schreiber would say.

First of all, in the Camp Getaway trailer, it's implied that social coordinators Sophia D'Angelo, Adam Mizrahi, and Randall are caught in some sort of love triangle and that there's a lot of tension surrounding it. (In the premiere episode, it's presented as a cliffhanger as to whether or not Randall returns to camp after the first weekend, but we see in the season's trailer that she does.) Randall says she's super close with the whole cast now, and yes, that includes Sophia and Adam. In fact, she has a great attitude about watching this triangle-drama unfold.

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"That is going to be, I think, one of the most fun things to watch. I think everyone's going to enjoy it," she says. She didn't feel the need to "warn" her family and friends about it (since, like the rest of us, they'll be tuning in) because "I think in the spirit of camp, all things considered, it's just life." I'm not sure what that means, but I also know exactly what that means.

Second of all, in the first episode, we see Randall question whether or not she can handle being a social coordinator. That first weekend up at camp was a lot for her. "It was overwhelming," she says. "I just was kind of thrown in." She felt a little underprepared for what she'd sign up for. "Like everyone else, I had just worked a full week, so it was just like, whoa, this is… I'm going to be on 24 hours, seven days a week. Can I do this?"

Ultimately, she decided she could. "I remember thinking to myself… I had this immense feeling that I will regret it if I don't just push through," she says. Plus, "the FOMO is real, let me tell you," she laughs. The idea of being at home and turning on Bravo and not seeing herself on a show she could've been on would've been too hard. "I would have been like, 'That could have been me. That could have been me!'" she says with a giggle.

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Randall is vivacious, hilarious, and laughs a lot over the phone — you can tell from one conversation with her that she doesn't take herself too seriously. You can also tell that she'd be excellent at mingling and loosening up a crowd. Her friends agree. When she told them she was going to be on a Bravo reality show, they were not surprised. "As soon as they heard, they were like, 'Oh, well this makes perfect sense!'" And it makes sense to Randall, too.

She's been doing stand up comedy for 10 years on and off and loves entertaining. "I love being silly and fun, and I am a huge, huge Bravo fan," she says. "It's almost like a surreal thing. I still don't think I am ready to see [myself] on a show that I'm watching all the time on the background of my house," she says. But in a way, she's been preparing for this her whole life. She used to watch reality shows and think, jokingly, "Oh, I should be on there," she admits. "So," she says, "it's kind of wild that it actually came to fruition!"

When she's not at Camp Getaway, Randall is working full-time as an assistant head of school and curriculum manager. She got her undergraduate degree in organizational studies from the University of Michigan ("go Blue!" she says) and her master's in special education and teaching from Hunter College in New York City. It's intense, working long hours with students and their families, but camp offers a minute to breathe.

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On the second weekend, she had a moment where she really felt the magic of camp. "I remember looking around just thinking… It was so absurd!" she means "absurd" in a good way. "Everyone was dressed up. Everyone's in costumes. There was music playing. It was a happy hour. There was games. And I remember, and I know I'm on a show," she says "but I felt like I was in a movie. I felt like this was such a happy place."

"It was the first time it kind of hit me, like, this is just such a cool experience."

Camp Getaway airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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