'Calls' Voice Cast Is Full Of Familiar Names

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'Calls' Voice Cast Is Full Of Familiar Names

If you've ever wanted to watch a podcast with a roster of voices that looks like a Golden Globes red carpet, allow me to introduce you to Calls, Apple TV+'s answer to the very specific genre request. While you don't see one single person throughout the nine episodes of Calls, the voice cast is that of stars. But who, exactly, does each episode feature? Let's dive into my Unofficial Guide to Calls' Famous Voices.

Some light spoilers for the entire season of Calls follow.

Episode 1: "The End"

The pilot episode of the series is also, quite literally, the end of the series. A call between a long-distance boyfriend and girlfriend, plus another girlfriend, is only the beginning of this very dark, complicated, and world-ending episode.

  • Tim: Nicholas Braun
  • Sara: Karen Gillan
  • Camila: Lily Collins

Episode 2: "The Beginning"

After learning life-altering news from his wife, Mark escapes his home only to get caught in the glitch. As time passes, Mark listens as his life moves on without him.

  • Mark: Aaron Taylor Johnson
  • Rose: Riley Keough
  • Andy: Ben Schwartz

Episode 3: "Pedro Across The Street"

True to its name, this episode focuses on the nefarious actions of Pedro, from across the street. With time on his side, Pedro uses his neighbor, Patrick, to rid him from a potentially sticky situation which sends shockwaves through Patrick's normal life.

  • Patrick: Mark Duplass
  • Pedro: Pedro Pascal
  • Alexis: Judy Greer

Episode 4: "It's All In Your Head"

The reckoning begins escalating as one skeptical sister, Katherine, deals with her hypochondriac sister, Layla, taking a turn for the worse. As if that wasn't enough, Katherine is also juggling finalizing her divorce with her not-so-loyal ex, Craig.

  • Katherine: Rosario Dawson
  • Layla: Laura Harrier
  • Craig: Gilbert Owuor

Episode 5: "Me, Myself and Darlene"

An abusive relationship takes an even darker turn when a call could potential stop a deadly attack on Floyd's wife, Darlene.

  • Floyd: Paul Walter Hauser
  • Ana: Paola Nunez Rivas
  • Darlene: Edi Patterson

Episode 6: "The Universe Did It"

As violence escalates, two former high school friends find themselves trying to change fate, without realizing that the act of altering your destiny does more harm than good.

  • Sam: Nick Jonas
  • Frank: Danny Huston

Episode 7: "Mom"

With the glitch more widely known, one young woman, Skylar, hopes to reunite with her dead mother using information she found online. In a horrifying twist, their reunion turns deadly and her actions end up putting her family even more at risk.

  • Skylar: Joey King
  • Justin: Jaeden Martell
  • Mom: Jenica Bergere

Episode 8: "Is There A Scientist On This Plane"

With the weight of the world on his shoulders, one pilot, Perry, has to make a decision that will completely change humankind.

  • Perry: Johnny Sneed
  • General Wilson: Clancy Brown
  • Dr. Rachel Wheating: Aubrey Plaza

Episode 9: "Leap Year Girl"

The conclusion of the series finds Dr. Rachel Wheating reuniting with her own lost connection in hopes of preventing the world from ending.

  • Dr. Rachel Wheating: Aubrey Plaza
  • Dr. Robert Wheating: Stephen Lang
  • General Wilson: Clancy Brown
  • Dr. Burham: Danny Pudi

Images: Apple TV+

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