Fact-Checking 'Bridgerton' — Answers To Your Biggest Regency Era Questions

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Fact-Checking 'Bridgerton' — Answers To Your Biggest Regency Era Questions

If you were also scratching your head from watching how casually the London set interacted with the Queen on Bridgerton or were racking your brain thinking about how quickly some of these matches actually walked down the aisle, then you are not alone.

Yes, we were all enveloped by the romance throughout the series' first season, but in between, there were some lingering questions I had about how Regency era England gets on. So, I cherry-picked some of the plot points throughout the series in order to find out what was fact and what was fiction in Bridgerton.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of Bridgerton to follow.

1. How easy is it to get an audience with the Queen?

Queen Charlotte hosts parties and luncheons at her palace herself, so it's no wonder the established families like the Bridgertons or Cowpers might see her make an appearance at her own party. But was Lady Danbury so buddy-buddy with Queen Charlotte that they'd sit together at the opera and ask Lady Violet Bridgerton and Daphne to join them? Or that the Queen could simply pull Eloise over for a chat to theorize the identity of Lady Whistledown?

Well, it seems as if private, one-on-one audiences where no one else is around were harder to come by, and required a formal invitation, like when the Queen asks Violet to tea. But as for the real Queen Charlotte, was she as accessible?

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