RHONJ fans scare the sh*t out of me

I am an in-and-out viewer of RHONJ. I enjoy it, love the chaos, and appreciate the dynamics....but it's just never been "Can't Miss TV" for me. (I realized that, *I* am the one in the wrong for this, as everyone else in the world seemed to be obsessed).

That being said, RHONJ fans scare me. More than any other franchise, RHONJ has true STANS. Depending on which fan account I look at, Teresa is either Jesus or Voldemort, Marge is either doing the Lord's work or ruining lives for sport, and Gia is off limits or Enemy Number 1. Truly, it's remarkable to see the different narrative play out online, and I'm low-key here for the social media drama more than the actual show itself.

So, Tre Huggers and Tre Haters, give me your best "You should be on my side because..." argument below.