Who would you like as Andy's replacement on WWHL?

As we all know Andy has been hosting all of the housewives reunion as well as WWHL for years and I can honestly say that I am tired... Enough is enough and I'm not sure if I'm the only one that feels this way but I would like to see a change. Preferably someone that doesn't treat guests differently depending on how much they like or dislike them... Someone fair, but also someone who can ask the hard hitting questions. Sorry for being so loud about it but it's true. My pick would be Kandi Burruss and for a number of reasons.

•I want her to leave RHOA

•I think that Kandi is a great host and has tons of connections that can make WWHL a really good time

•Kandi already has her hit Youtube show called "Speak on it" which shows that she is indeed qualified for this

• Kandi is a woman of color and I think that would be a good change and honestly something refreshing..

Let me know if you agree with Kandi Burruss as a replacement for Andy or if you would go with someone else.. If you would like for Andy to keep his position as the WWHL host please explain why. Remember this is a safe space!