Peter Thomas and Gizelle Bryant dating!!!!!!

OK so I first heard this rumor a few days ago from a few of the amazing housewives fan accounts on Instagram. The original report is from media takeout which is not that good of a source however once I saw a photo of Gizelle, Robyn, and Peter — I started to believe that something more was going on there because they claim that Peter actually has filmed for real housewives of Potomac. In addition to that, the cast took a trip to Miami where peters bar called bar one has a location and some of the ladies were literally at bar one. I like that this is extra messy because Gizelle was literally at Cynthia Bailey’s wedding to Mike. In addition to that, she actually threw shade at Cynthia for having a Covid wedding! The reports claim that Gizelle and Peter are absolutely pretending to at least have a romantic connection. My question to you all is do you think that they are actually dating? Or is this just for the cameras?