Bravolebrity Matchmaker: Ashley Darby edition

So this post is honestly a celebration post.. Not only is Bravo’s new show “Love Match Atlanta” premiering soon (May, 8th 2022 10/9 c), but Ashley Darby is finally free from the realm of  Michael Darby. I am truly happy about this split because Michael has embarrassed Ashley time and time again as we have seen in previous seasons. I am happy that they were able to create 2 beautiful babies and I look forward to seeing them co-parent… but as far as their romantic relationship, GOOD RIDDANCE. 

With that being said..

Who would you pair with Ashley Darby? I personally have a few people in mind.

•Andre 3000, I’m not sure why but I think the vibe between them would be good.

•Jay Ellis, I know he’s already in a relationship but things could change..

•Steve (from Blues Clues) Ashley likes older men… This could work.