Cynthia Bailey and Leon Robinson are showing us how beautiful co-parenting can be

Recently Noelle Robinson (Daughter of Cynthia Bailey) made a video on IG highlighting her beautiful parents and their co-parenting skills.

Her caption was:

 "Co-parenting at its finest. Love you guys too much,"

I thought this was absolutely beautiful because as we’ve seen in previous seasons of RHOA Leon was always around and a big part of Noelle’s life. Even when Cynthia was with Peter and they had events / parties Leon was always front and center and I thought that was something different but incredible. From my own personal experience with seeing my parents co-parent and some of the co-parenting styles I’ve seen in my day to day life (family, friends, etc.) It normally doesn’t work like that. Feelings and emotions get involved and things can go left real quick. Some exes don’t even want to be in the same space together even after both parties have moved on. I love seeing good examples of co-parenting because I hope that it can motivate some parents to do better in this area. I am aware that certain circumstances are different, and not every relationship is the same but I feel like it is important to put forth the effort to do better. Cheers to Cynthia and Leon for being a good example!