Why are people asking Vicki Gunvalson about her ex?

So here’s the thing… I know some of us want to know the most intimate details about our favorite housewives but I feel like there are certain questions that are just weird and unnecessary.

Vicki Gunvalson has been asked about her feelings towards Steve Lodge (ex fiancé of Vicki G) and his new marriage. Vicki actually released a statement saying that she was relieved that it wasn’t her at the alter and that she has moved on and is dating again. That is a very nice statement because I personally wouldn’t have anything to say. Why would I be talking about my past and things that no longer serve me a purpose? I’m not sure if I’m the only one that feels this way but I would not want to address that. Even if I have moved on and have a whole new boo thang, it’s just awkward and in my opinion it makes you look like you’re still clinging on to your past. I’m happy that Vicki reacted this way though, I feel as if she handled it the best way that she possibly could. 

If you were a Bravolebrity (or a celebrity in general) would you address your feelings towards your ex and his new boo?