Is Sydney The Ultimate Shit-Stirrer On ‘Below Deck’?

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Is Sydney The Ultimate Shit-Stirrer On ‘Below Deck’?

It’s hardly news that Sydney is the emotional driving force behind much of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht drama, but she’s been ramping it up lately. At the end of last week’s show, things finally came to a head when Alli decided to confront her directly, but the conversation didn’t end up going anywhere. That meant that the proverbial can was just kicked down the road a little bit longer, and later in the May 11 episode of Below Deck, Sydney decided to take the matter into her own hands — but in a much less direct way.

Hot Goss On The Cool Seas

After the whole Parsifal III crew (well, minus Captain Glenn, who stayed behind to throw himself a lil cashew party and unpack his dreams about donkeys) went out for their own relaxing day on the water, things quickly turned messy. Sydney may not have been the only one to blame as everyone got a little sloppy once they started drinking, but it became clear that she was the major player when the shit talking started. With the two couples off having romantic adventures and the four singles left to chat, she let her mouth run freely.

“I love Dani, but, like, she can do way better than JL,” she said first. Then, broadening her target, she added, “We’re the only ones who can hold, like, a conversation without making, like, a fucking shit joke.”

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