Here's A Closeup Of Jack's Tattoo Of Katie's Face From 'Below Deck'

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Here's A Closeup Of Jack's Tattoo Of Katie's Face From 'Below Deck'

Below Deck has given us a lot over the years. Drug smuggling. Pregnancy scandals. Nacho disasters. And now, with the return of Below Deck Med, Season 6, we have ourselves a tattoo situation. Former deckhand Jack Stirrup has current chief stew Katie Flood's face tattooed on his arm, which, tbh is a little confusing. For a lot of reasons.

First of all, Jack was on Season 4 of Below Deck Med, and at the time, was single (according to him) and courted and started dating second stew Aesha Scott. Their relationship was quite cute on-screen, until it wasn't during the reunion. After they left Sirocco, Jack went back to the UK and reunited with his ex-girlfriend Kelly Hidge, according to Bravo. It came as a surprise to Aesha.

Jack and Kelly welcomed a baby son, Phoenix Sydney Stirrup, on April 15, 2020. Aesha is dating extreme sporter/ non-Below Decker Scotty Dobbo. Jack and Aesha made peace with a phone call, but aren't still in touch. How all of this relates to Katie on Season 6, well, we have to go way back.

Images: Katie Flood/Instagram; Bravo

Before Jack met Aesha on the show, and before he met Kelly, he was with Katie. They shared a "deep love," Katie says, hence, face-on-arm tattoo. Jack says he was super fucked up in Thailand when he did it (he didn't just want to get a "cook K" tattooed on his ass? That's a Vanderpump joke for you guys) and Katie says he got the 10 days after meeting her.

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