What Are The Rules To The Dream Logic In 'Behind Her Eyes'?

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What Are The Rules To The Dream Logic In 'Behind Her Eyes'?

Mystery and thriller shows are all the rage thanks to the success of series like Big Little Lies, The Undoing, and Little Fires Everywhere. But so far, the genre has resisted the urge to be unrepentantly weird — until now. Netflix's Behind Her Eyes is here to inject all of the typical domestic thriller tropes you know and love (like the unreliable narrator and potentially murderous husband) with a generous helping of "WTF am I watching?" energy. Which is... admirable, but it will also leave you wondering what the rules are to the dream logic that drives Behind Her Eyes' plot.

The central story hinges on lucid dreaming and astral projection, but there's also a last minute body-swapping twist that is so fantastical it feels like it came out of an entirely different show. In the end, Behind Her Eyes reveals that the seemingly unstable Adele is actually dead and her body has been possessed by her friend Rob for a decade. Rob then hatches a plan to lure Louise over to his home so that he can possess her and continue to torment David for years to come. And somehow his not at all well thought out scheme actually works.

Ultimately, the only way the show's supernatural twist makes sense is if there are well-established rules to the astral projection trick that the real Adele teaches Rob that proves to be her undoing. But are there? Let's investigate.

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