White toe supremacy

I am a girl who enjoys having my nails done. Acrylic on the hand and a regular pedi on the feet. For my fingernails I have fun changing the shape, length, and and color a lot. Even the manicurist themselves ALWAYS ask if they can take a photo for their timeline (think neon pink with a matte coat and stiletto shaping or vampire red with a coffin shape). But when it comes to my toes I can’t seem to shake how white polish makes my foot look. You can literally put white nail polish on a horse’s hoof and it’ll look sexy. But I couldn’t help but wonder if my white pedi obsession is because of the rise of social media posts praising white toes as ‘classic’ or is it because of when I go to the salon I see at least 75% of other women getting white pedi’s? Is it because men have also now chimed in on what colors they like to see on women’s toes(they too choose white)? Is the pressure mounting because of a rising white toe supremacy?

When you get your pedicures — is white your go to?