Facial dry brushing

Hi everyone! I take a lot of pride in my skin, drink like 100+ ounces of water a day, moisturize with all the things I'm supposed to do, get facials, etc., and for some reason this winter my skin has been SO dry. Like, flaky on my forehead and my cheeks to the point where makeup sits on it versus blends with it... it's not cute!

I got so desperate to exfoliate that last night I used a small dry brush I have for my body and lightly used it on my face. Hurt like hell, but beauty is pain? IDK. Probably screwed up my skin. But it worked! The dry flakey patches were exfoliated, I moisturized up, and am currently hoping for the best.

I'd prefer to not constantly rely on a body dry brush for my face (I'm making it sound like I'm sandpaper-ing my face... it's really not THAT bad, but I just care too much for smooth plump skin haha). I ended up ordering the Buf Puf from Amazon (link: Buf-Puf Regular Facial Sponge Dermatologist Developed) that is basically an exfoliating sponge with some coarseness to it that will hopefully help. Has anyone used this or a similar product that has worked for them? I'm willing to try everything.