Heat-protective product recommendations

I love taking care of my hair. I've invested in a great hairstylist who makes it look amazing, and I've also invested in some pretty pricey shampoo/conditioners to take care of my hair in between salon sessions (EVO, Olaplex, R&CO - recommend all of them!). The one thing I feel like I'm truly missing is that heat-protectant that I can put on before blowdrying.

My stylist uses a balm (EVO) that is nice, but I feel like it weighs my hair down a little. It's fine when she does it, because she's a pro and I am... not. I only blow dry my hair once MAYBE twice a week, and also use styling tools those days too. (Work from home has been a godsend.)

Any recommendations / products you've found leave your hair moisturized, not fried, and not heavy or greasy?