Best And Worst Matches For Scorpio Women

Scorpio woman here, so everything please realize that is all opinon based and everything I say is coming from what I have learned in the last 29.4 years.


Gemini: RUN AWAY. These two faced bois are NOT our friend. We are loyal and when someone has two faces, it's hard to figure out who they are. 2/10.

Leo: NO NO NO. Leo's and scorpions attract one another because we are both charismatic people, but ultimately it doesn't work out because Leos are way too self centered. 3/10.

Virgo: OOF. men are our worst enemy. They are way too judgmental for us to really be able to feel safe to open up. 1/10.


Pisces: Both water signs, both sensitive but not over the top. 8/10

Libras: Libra men are easily obsessed and will show us affection all the time 8/10

Capricorn: Driven, passionate boys. Sometimes a little rigid but they love the sensitive Scorpio tendency. 7/10.

And in true Scorpio fashion, no one gets a 10 because no one is deserving of a full 10.