TB Karen May Not Take The Pills On 'AHS: Double Feature,' But She's Got To Be Connected To Them

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TB Karen May Not Take The Pills On 'AHS: Double Feature,' But She's Got To Be Connected To Them

Sarah Paulson has made her triumphant return to American Horror Story as Tuberculosis Karen in the "Red Tide" part of AHS: Double Feature. TB Karen in AHS doesn't take the pills that the rest of the creative types hanging 'round Provincetown in the winter months take. Rather, she yells at any of those bloodsuckers who do take the pills with delectably profanity-laden rants. She has every right to be angry — after all, people are eating people, and sometimes, she's enlisted to procure babies for such a purpose. But it's also possible that the pills strike such a nerve for her because she's connected to their creation.

TB Karen, with her haggard appearance and messed-up teeth, almost looks like one of the Pale People who haunt Provincetown — the people who took the pills and apparently had no creative talent. However, she's no bloodsucking motherfucker and seemingly just a victim of homelessness and drug addiction. Yet, there's got to be more to that cough of hers, so here's all the clues that she could be involved with the pills after that two-episode "Red Tide" premiere.

The Drug Connection

According to Evan Peters's Austin, the creation of the "muse" pill came directly from a drug addiction crisis that hit the Cape — heroin, crystal meth, and opioids. "The Chemist," who hasn't appeared yet but will be played by Angelica Ross, is supposedly the only person who knows what's in the pill.

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