In an awkward sitch

A friend of a friend asked me if I would watch her 3 nephews under the age of 4 for her wedding weekend. At first I was like yeah sure no problem, I work with kids, they love me it’ll be easy extra cash no problem. So Im in contact with the mom and she’s asking what my rate is & at this point in just like idk what to say I haven’t babysat since I was like 13 so I asked my cousin who hires babysitters and just say whatever she said she pays, which is 20 an hour.

But last night I was talking to my girlfriends and they’re like that’s 20 an hour per kid right? And I’m like 🤔 I was assuming just per hour. But they’re telling me like what a service I’m providing (watching the three kids, three separate times, for multiple hours at a time and basically giving my whole weekend) and now I’m wondering if I’m getting ripped off lol I don’t have kids, I don’t normally babysit like this isn’t a normal gig for me, and now I’m sitting on their couch wondering if I should ask her if she meant per kid or per hour.

i feel awkward discussing money but it’s also not like I’m friends with this family and now idk what to do. Do I say something or just take whatever I get? Help plz 🥹