The Top 5 Under-The-Radar Annie Moments That Make Her A True Queen

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The Top 5 Under-The-Radar Annie Moments That Make Her A True Queen

I’ve dedicated over three years to covering 90 Day Fiancé on both social media as @FraudedByTLC and most recently with my podcast, The Fraudcast, and I love connecting with fans and cast members alike. And, of course, I’ve been a huge fan of the show from day one, rocking out to Myla Vox and cheering Nikki on as she put her hands on the car window. There are so many great characters, love stories, and “love stories,” but one stands out above the rest.

After all these years this show has been on the air, there’s been a person who, despite making a questionable choice when she selected David as her life partner, has risen to become the true queen of the 90 Day family: the one, the only, Annie Suwan-Toborowsky. There’s no debating whether or not Annie and David are 90 Day standouts: they’re absolutely hilarious, especially on Pillow Talk.

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David and Annie were first introduced to us on 90 Day Fiancé Season 5, which showed David living in Thailand where he met Annie singing at a local bar. He proposed to her within a few weeks, and the season featured David struggling to financially afford not only Annie’s dowry, but also her required jewelry, and the water buffalo for her family.

We saw them again on Happily Ever After Season 3, where we followed the couple trying to make a life in the United States in the run up to the 90 Day wedding. We saw them living with David’s friend and benefactor, Chris and his wife Nikki — and, let us pause here to remember the scene in which Nikki’s brother Antonio calls out David:

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After Happily Ever After, we got to catch up with Annie and David on What Now? Season 3, and ultimately, we’ve landed with David and Annie’s move to Pillow Talk, where they’ve been ever since, and quite frankly, where they should be forever and ever more.

Every week we’re treated to their comical exuberance as David explains to Annie various American colloquialisms and Annie reacts as only Annie can: she yells hilarious advice at the TV in a mix of English and Thai.

It’s clear the true star of this relationship is Annie, because let’s face it; she carries David, amirite? And to be honest, it sounds like David would agree, because when I ask him what makes his better half such an icon, David tells me in a direct message: “To me, a queen is someone who puts other people’s needs first. She has always been so supportive, not just of me, but other people,” he says.

Take, for example, “her masks,” he says — Annie has been making masks for first responders — “and helping her family and others better themselves.” David says that Annie also treats him like a king. “She is such an amazing person. What you see is what she is like on and off camera.”

While we may never get to meet Annie off-camera in real life, we’ll always get to enjoy her witticisms on Pillow Talk… and on YouTube. After all, she’s been breaking the internet with her royal ways for some time now, and it’s time to appreciate all of her hard work.

Here are my top five, under-the-radar Annie moments that make her a true queen:

1: She’s A Truth-Teller

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In the 90 Day Fandom, when Annie first appeared on the scene she was seen as a green card seeker. I mean, why else would she be with broke, no-job having David? Well, there is love after all, and hey, 90% ain’t bad!

2: She Rolls With The Punches

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When the pair gets to the United States — more specifically, when they arrive in David’s hometown of Louisville, KY — it’s hardly the American dream she expects. In fact, they don’t even have a place to live.

David’s benefactor, Chris, steps in again, letting the couple move into the manager’s apartment of a storage facility he owns. Calling it an “apartment” is a stretch, as the “kitchen” doesn’t have a stove, but Annie easily overcomes that obstacle. Which leads us to…

3: She Expertly Cooks Dinner In Bed As If She Were A Star On Iron Chef

Image: TLC

To this day, my fiancé refers to Annie as “the one who cooks in bed” and really, she does more than just “cook.” She goes full out Chef Morimoto on Pillow Talk! All while commenting on the terrible choices the 90 Day cast is making. She has a full-on hot plate/portable griddle situation going on while she’s cracking eggs and stirring up noodles. Listen, her cooking-in-bed talent is light years above my cooking-in-the kitchen talent.

In fact, her cooking has been such a hit, that David and Annie started a YouTube channel where her cooking takes center stage.

4: She Calls David Out

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Look, it’s no secret that David is a larger guy. Annie enjoys him like that and isn’t afraid to share that… and she’s also not afraid to call it as she sees it, once explaining that his size makes it nearly impossible to have quiet sex. And thus, “boom boom” as a synonym for doing it was born. Amazing.

5: Her Reaction To Americana Is Priceless

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When David and Annie first arrive in the United States, David takes Annie to see Hollywood, and Annie sees her first adult toy store. David humors her and they go in, where Annie coins one of the most-used phrases amongst some of my 90 Day friends: “Oh my Buddha!”

Whether you routinely ask your partner for the boom boom, or you’re ordering a hot plate and googling Thai noodle recipes to make while watching 90 Day Fiancé, there is no doubt some aspect of your real life is influenced by the perfection that is Annie.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think my tacos are burning.

Images: Instagram; TLC

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