Hey, '90 Day's Tarik & Hazel — You're Doing It Wrong

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Hey, '90 Day's Tarik & Hazel — You're Doing It Wrong

For the most part, 90 Day's Tarik and Hazel’s storyline has been blissfully drama free, but that wasn’t the case in the latest episode. During the Sunday, Feb. 28, installment, the audience (me very much included) got a harsh reminder that there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, especially not when it comes to reality TV. As this particular duo continued their quest for a shared girlfriend, their relationship seemed ready to fall apart before our very eyes.

Throughout the season, the two stars have talked about adding a third to their relationship despite the fact that they haven’t yet tied the knot. When it became clear that they were struggling to find someone that they could both agree on — and, even more so, find someone that they could both agree on that they were pretty sure wasn’t a Catfish — Tarik had the brilliant idea that they could turn to their ex, Minty, for help. That’s when things got really bad.

Here’s the thing: These two just aren’t on the same page, both when it comes to Minty and when it comes to finding someone new, and this episode made it clear that they’re doing just about everything wrong. It’s clear #Tarzel needs not just one, but several wake up calls, and I’m ready to be the one who delivers them.

Wake Up Call #1: Tarik doesn’t really want a new girlfriend

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