Investigating Jenny & Sumit’s Saving Grace: The Arya Samaj Marriage

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Investigating Jenny & Sumit’s Saving Grace: The Arya Samaj Marriage

Is it finally happening? Are Jenny and Sumit from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way finally about to tie the knot? During the Sunday, November 15, episode of the TLC series, the couple learned that they finally had a way to walk down the aisle without the groom’s parents being able to stop them: A matrimonial lawyer they visited introduced them to the concept of Arya Samaj marriages.

“If you want to get married fast and without any complications, go for the marriage in the Arya Samaj Mandir,” he told them. “Go to an Arya Samaj temple. Just show your willingness that [you’re] ready to marry. Provide them with documents. They’ll get you married.”

He explained that there are certain religious sacraments that are performed, but Jenny wouldn’t need to convert in order to participate in the ceremony. “The idea of Arya Samaj is they look at the soul of people. They’ll get you married. After that, they will give you [a] marriage certificate. Registration is post-marriage,” he continued to explain. And then he said the words the 63-year-old really wanted to hear: “You can get married any time. If you want to go tomorrow or today, you can.”

In a confessional, the attorney told the camera that Arya Samaj weddings are the most common among the love marriages. They’re favored because they’re not complicated or too expensive. Legally, no one can object to the marriage, either, something that anyone has 30 days to do under the Special Marriage Act, which led Jenny to have one question: Why would anyone get married any other way? The lawyer seemed to dodge her question, so we knew that we had to dive in deeper.

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