Anatomy Of A ‘90 Day’ Scene: Bursting Tim & Melyza’s Love Bubble

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Anatomy Of A ‘90 Day’ Scene: Bursting Tim & Melyza’s Love Bubble

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta haven’t exactly had a smooth go of it so far on the TLC show. After their plans to start their lives together in the States were thrown into disarray by Tim’s cheating, Melyza left and went home to Columbia. When Tim eventually followed, prepared to prove just how serious he was about their relationship, they found themselves building the trust back up from the beginning. And it’s, uh, not gone so well.

But during the Sunday, October 18, episode of the reality series, they finally hit a major milestone when they went to pound town for the first time since they reunited. Unfortunately, that afterglow didn’t last too long. It seemed like just minutes later Melyza was seizing the opportunity to confess that she had also slept with someone else. The messiness of these two knows no bounds — which makes it a perfect installment for our Anatomy of a Scene series. Shall we dive in?

The Morning After

When we first see Tim and Melyza, they’re waking up together in bed, faces turned toward each other on their pillows. Of course, this isn’t actually the moment they woke up — they had to (presumably) get dressed and ready for the cameras, let the crew in, and maybe even grab a bite to eat before snuggling back into bed — but their comfort together is already clear. “Good morning,” they tell each other in faux-groggy, sleepy voices. “It’s nice to wake up and [the] first thing I see is you,” Tim says.

Go For It
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