The way they film Jeopardy is insane

I was scrolling on the TL and I saw a former Jeopardy contestant talking about how they film the show. Apparently a week’s worth of episodes in a day???

Now I don’t watch Jeopardy because it’s quit frustrating to get 90% of the questions wrong so maybe everyone who watches knows this but this is what he said:

‘In essence, you undergo a NASCAR style tire change as they prep you for the immediate next taping.  You are taken off the stage as quickly as possible, shoved backstage, you change your clothes, go to the bathroom, a cup of coffee, have a sip of water, sit down, get re mic'd up and get your makeup redone and get back on the stage," he said of the intense back-to-back tapings.

He explained you're brought back on stage with the other contestants and they introduce you and say something like: "'This young man had an absolutely amazing day yesterday,' but in reality, yesterday was 15 Mins ago.’

That’s honestly wild to me so instead of just answering and winning one day you literally have to be jimmy neutron smart and sharp to keep on keepin on in Jeopardy.