Do You Get Offended When People Don't Like What You Like?

This weekend, I visited my parents, and while there, I thought I'd introduce my family to the show I can't get enough of: Yellowjackets. I watched it twice through, dug through message boards to pick up on things I may have missed, I bought merch. I'm obsessed. So naturally, I wanted to share it with the people who are supposed to mean the most to me in this world.

The first episode was met with some pushback: "What the hell do you have us watching, Don?" (among other things)

I... did not handle it well. I kindly (not kindly) told them they weren't smart enough for this show and that's why they didn't like it and called my dad a misogynist for calling every character a "crazy bitch." (In his defense, a lot of them are... but they shouldn't be written off for being such; they should be CELEBRATED. #TeamMisty for life) Was this the best thing to say? Maybe not. But I feel like it's the truth!

So tell me - am I alone in this? Are you normal and you can just live your life knowing not all shows/movies are for everyone or do you take it personally when you can't share the shows you love with the people you love?