The Instagram account @bravobravoduckingbravo shared some tea they got from an audience member at Craig and Austen's live Pillows and Beer show in DC (thanks for the tea, but also, why are you there? r u ok girly?)

The person said that during the show, Craig said, "he's ready to propose at the one year mark, has a ring picked out and all, that Paige is moving to Charleston for May and June and eluded to it being filmed..." and I'm a little shocked because Paige on WWHL said that they aren't ready to move in since they have only been dating 6 months? So hmm.

It's that last part, the ELUDED TO IT BEING FILMED, that is what we need to discuss. It'd be too early to film Summer House, and too early to film Southern Charm since they film in the fall. So I am wondering, is it a follow up to Winter House? Is this just Craig's way of staying relevant and getting headlines since his book just came out? OR is it an actual spin off about them?! WHAT IS THE TRUTH.