Paige/Craig & Naomi’s hookup

I just saw watch what happens live and Andy asked Paige about Craig allegedly hooking up with Naomie in Vegas. She brushed it off and said that she was fine with it because Craig didn’t find out what she was doing in New York.

However, during this whole relationship it just seems that Paige has been going along with whatever Craig says. It’s like she wants to be the cool girl described in gone girl where she doesn’t trip about things that she wants to trip about and that she just has a very lax attitude about some questionable things that Craig did.

Because as we saw on summer house she was very upset about the Kristin Cavalleri thing and he made her feel that she was wrong to be upset even though he turned around and did the same thing with Andrea. I just hope that Paige does not lose her self in this relationship because she has so much potential.

I get not being mad because they weren’t officially together but it’s just ironic and the opposite of what we saw on summer house. Plus Naomie and Craig dated for years so I would be more upset about them hooking up than anyone else.