A Friendship Make Up

A few weeks back (maybe months tbh, what is time) I wrote about a friendship break up and how from my perspective, I'm not sure what happened. It's been about three years since I've seen her. So much has happened, a pandemic, engagements, a wedding (hers, obviously).

So I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw and wrote about her. And toyed with the idea of sending it to her but I was terrified. Because it could either go great, or she will call the police because I am a psycho.

Thankfully it went well! She asked to meet for dinner. And I thought "eh, we won't really go" but we did.

We met for dinner and it was like nothing happened while also acknowledging how much time has passed. We caught up and had so much to talk about. I walked away from it feeling like something had changed, and for the best. It reminded me why we were friends, why I loved her so much, and how much fun we had together.

If you contemplating reaching out to that friend, do it.