Amanda’s dad is a MAN

I was watching Summer House this morning. When talking about the prenup last night he said something I really resonate with when Kyle was talking. He referred to his own marriage something along the lines of she cooks for me and makes sure I have clothes on my back the LEAST I can do is pay the bills.



Exactly mr Amanda’s dad.

Men these days want you to cook, clean, do their laundry, be their therapist, their nurse, their p*** star, and STILL go half on bills? AND THIS IS BEFORE YOU EVEN HAVE KIDS where majority of the work goes to the woman. Screw that. Paying the bills IS the least they can do. If I wanted a roommate — I would stay with the one I have now! Then they have the nerve to try to pull the golddigger card when it’s like HUNNY YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOME GOLD TO DIG!

Then they wonder why women aren’t the way they used to be. 1. Because men aren’t either. And 2. Our grandmas and great grandmas either couldn't work or even get a bank account without a man’s permission.