Never trust a guy with a Frunk

Went on a date. First mistake for the 40th time is accepting a date invite from a musician. Second is trusting someone with a Frunk (front trunk). Third was trusting a guy that drives a BMW. Date goes okay I’m truly over creatives because I feel like I am a creative so instead of meshing there will be constant critiquing. Anyways, he turns around to find his oui’d pen in the back of his car and there it is, a size 7 pair of Louboutins. Awkward silence but I’m confrontational so I just say ‘you could’ve at least cleaned up after the last b*tch before coming to pick me up.’

Guess what this man says


‘They’re my sisters’

For the sake of the fact we ran up a $300 check I laugh and go along with it. Safe to say this is NOT a suitor.