If I were Erika's attorney...

I would have advised her to quit RHOBH and STFU (yes, that's legal jargon ;))

This week's episode had me seriously cringing at her discussion of the allegations by the victims. Let's be clear, what I think she was trying to say is that AT THIS POINT, they are still allegations - meaning there has not been a finding that Tom in fact embezzled the client funds. Now, based on everything that we've seen, that seems to be the case, but technically, the litigation is ongoing.

That being said, that's all the more reason why she should stop talking. Period. With ongoing litigation, she shouldn't be discussing any aspects of the case. The only advice I would give if she insisted on continuing on the show would be to say that the allegations are horrendous and she hopes that they are untrue and if proven true, that she would work to help make sure all victims are properly compensated.

I wonder what her attorneys think each week they watch the show.