So recently I’ve been thinking about my official rankings of the current RHOBH ladies and here is what I have come up with:

1. Garcelle

2. Sutton

3. Crystal

4. Erika

5. Rinna

6. Dorit

7. Kyle

Now hear me out. You’re probably like HOW ARE RINNA AND ERIKA THAT HIGH UP!?

So let me tell you. Erika is giving us drama, theatre, CAMP! Sure i don’t really believe a word she says but I do find her life and it crumbling before our eyes to be amazing television. As for Rinna, I applaud her dedication to being a hysterical hypocrite who really just stirs it up.

And I’m so tired of Kyle and her schtick, her whole “queen” of RHOBH attitude is just not working for me anymore because she has always been a better sidekick than the star. And Dorit, she really hadn’t given us anything in years but i like looking at her.