Are Erika Jayne And Rinna Essential To RHOBH?

There are those women on Real Housewives who people love to hate, who people really do not like at times but we all know they are essential for the show. When I think about housewives like this, I think of Dorinda, Tamra, Brandi Glanville, Kenya (just a few, and yes those are my faves but people hate them LOL).

But then we have Erika Jayne and Rinna who have become these caricatures and are just there to stir things up and bully other women off the show. And with Rinna, you never get anything personal from her. Just constantly coming at the women, and Erika thinks the scarier she sounds, she can make others back down. I'm exhausted but I'm scared of what the show would be like without them...

Where do you guys stand?