Bling Empire star Kim’s ex-boyfriend

I just binged all of Bling Empire over the weekend and I’m mad at myself because I’m now going to have to wait a long time for the new season. Last season, Kevin was trying to get with Kelly which definitely made no sense to me since she was in a relationship. This season his eyes were set on Kim Lee.

She was asked if she had ever been in love before and she said yes. She also revealed that she used to date Roc nation musician Keith ape. In fact, I could see why she was attracted to him. Although she said her ex was quiet, he seems nothing of the sort as he is a rapper with lots of followers and millions of views on YouTube.

I did find something odd about him though, in March of last year he was on Instagram claiming that he only had 3 to 6 months to live and he deleted the post of him in the hospital hoked up to IV’s. I’m not sure if it was an attention grab or if he was serious but Kim did mention that Kevin‘s alleged playboy behavior reminded her of her ex’s betrayal. She did not explain on the show and there is no reason online as to why the two broke up. Here is his Instagram.