Justice for Shake!!

I just finished the LIB is reunion and I can't believe how awful they were to Shake. A reality show is nothing without its villain.

Was what he said about Deepti awful? Yes! Should he have said those things about her on television? No! But was he right to bring up everyone's drama on the reunion. ONE HUNDRED, as he says he keeps it. This is a reality show. It is here for entertainment. If it weren't for the villain this would be boring. Everyone on the couches talks about what he has to say about the other cast members as speaking out of turn when he is the only one there doing his job.

That goes double for boring host Vanessa Lachey. If she wants to keep collecting the paycheck and this show to stay on the air it absolutely needs hot messes like Shake or else we would never watch. They all treat this like they're there to win Nobel Prizes in romance when it is a reality dating show that is just as crass and craven as the rest of them. Clinging to this reality that it's about finding love is doing more to damage the brand.

Shake should be celebrated because, as outrageous and wrong as he is, he's making for great television. Instead we should focus on the real villain of the reunion: Kyle's nose ring.