Formula shortage, how to help and men chiming in

Even if you’re not a mom I am sure you have heard about the formula shortage. There was a giant recall and this has affected parents abilities to buy infant formula. There have been recipes floating around for homemade formula for those who can’t find formula. It’s really sad. Some ways to help is if you see some in a store — take a photo and share it to your feed. Tell people the location and time you were there. Because now people are buying up the cans and price gauging. It’s sad to see.

Also sad to see? The amount of people (but especially men) chiming in on how people should just breastfeed as if it’s that easy or as if there aren’t children who aren’t able to be breastfed. It’s enraging for this to be a argument but especially amongst people who aren’t physically able to produce milk (men) talk as if they solved the issue and women are just being lazy. Bahhhh.