Range Rover — why

I have nothing against Range Rovers. I only like ones that have been modified though. My question is why is it that every middle-upper class woman 35+ decides that a Range Rover is THE car to get when they make a higher than average amount of money. It’s like, you now have the money to get a sexy car! Even celebrities are obsessed with them. This is a phenomenon that’s been going on for years now — the Range Rover is the I made it car or the im an upper middle class mom but I’ve still got it status quo symbol. The grip that the range rover has over people who can afford nice cars is mind boggling. Go to any neighborhood with homes valued above 500k and I bet you’ll count more RR than fingers and toes. If I had that kind of money id get something unique. Something sexy. Something that says yeah Im out of your tax bracket but I still believe in individuality. Or if I do submit and get a RR it’d be matte black with matte black wheels and a license plate that says meow.