I Am... Disgusted?

So the latest episode of The Kardashians, there was a lot to process. Kim's trying to find her style, Kendall lost out on a Vogue cover to her sister Kimmy, and Kourt was told to drink Travis's sperm four times a week. Yes, you read that correctly. Drink. His. Sperm. And that to me wasn't even the most disgusting part of the episode.

What really got me was the disgusting, out of touch, displays of wealth. Listen they never claim to be regular people, but it's just insane. There was a whole scene where Kris and Kylie "did normal things" like grocery shop and a car wash. Khloe's house is finished and it's a monster of a house... the snack room was a lot to process. Kim has a warehouse where she has stored over 30k pieces of clothes "archived". It just made me angry because it just reminded me these are people who live on such a different planet than the rest of the world, and I just feel like they could do so much with their money and platform, and they really don't.