The newest episode of The Kardashians is out and I have so many thoughts (not shocking I know). But first let me start with Scott. I am so infuriated by this whole situation of him feeling he won't be part of the family now that Kourt has moved on wiht Travis. But not only that, that is to be expected, now we have the girls telling Kourt she needs to set boundaries and you can just tell Kourt is laughing and so removed from it emotionally because this is something she has been asking of them for YEARS to do. To set boundaries with him, and now that it's effecting THEM, and cuasing drama, they want boundaries.

It's really amazing what Kim is doing with death row inmates, and prison reform. Say what you want about her, but when she puts her mind to something she gets it done. And I was incredibly moved by her this episode, and heartbroken when a man she had been working to get life w/ parole instead of the death penalty, was executed and she was his last call.

Tristan and Khloe... it's nuts watching them because you know what is coming, you know that he gets a trainer pregnant and it's all on camera. So to see him play this role that he is all in for Khloe... oof.