Who styles Kim Kardashian now?

After seeing many of Kim’s questionable street style choices such as the Mrs. Incredibles outfit and the straight from runway PVC Prada looks that don’t match her aesthetic, it’s been clear that she’s been struggling with her style since her and Kanye moved further and further apart.

Now, it’s no longer speculation, In the latest episode she talks about how Kanye flew across the country to get the ‘hard drive’ with her sex tape on it, put her in contact with some of the best comedians to write her dialogue, and styled her from head to toe (which was the same night she kissed Pete for the ‘first’ time), she is having a hard time figuring out what to wear. This is odd because she, herself, was a stylist before fame hit. Also remember the DASH stores?

Anyways I wanted to know who is helping her with her style these days and there are two main people in addition to fashion houses sending her custom fits.

One is Dani Levi who styles a few celebrities but she is allegedly the one who put together the incredibles/flaming hot Cheetos look.

The other is Veneda Carter who is actually a model turned stylist. She is responsible for some of the vintage pieces Kim wears from Mugler and other brands but she also helps a lot with SKIMS.

I think this would be a great time for Kim to take the reigns and go back t her roots. She should mix stylists opinions with her own so she can confidently step into her personal style.