I kind of always check in and out with the K girlies. I know what they are up to, I follow them all on social so I kind of checked out of the E! show the last few years because it felt stale to me. But now they have their new show on Hulu and I have so many thoughts.

First, they break the fourth wall which is major. They talk to the camera on-site, not just in confessionals.

-The camera work does kind of make me dizzy because they keep zooming around

-TRAVIS IS ON !!! They talk about how they have been friends for 8 years and then fell in love. V cute.

-Khloe says her and Tristan are "just friends" OK GIRL.

-I LOVE seeing Kim as a mom especially now because her kids are like school age so she is running them around more. I love my Kimmy!

-KIMMY V. ROBLOX. At one point Saint (my favorite Kardashian child) comes over and is like "Look mommy how silly!" and it's Kim's face on Roblox with something about her sex tape. And Kim is handling it so well but rightfully so freaking out. And guys, I am obsessed with Kimmy v. Roblox. It is something I didn't see coming. At all.

-Scotty Scotty Scott. Listen, I get the appeal of Scott. But LET KOURTNEY LIVE HER LIFE. He's been living his life for YEARS, dating 20 year olds. And he does kind of talk about that, like he dates these young girls because it's not really real and they don't challenge him.

-I really respect the way Kim handles the Kanye stuff. She really does think he's amazing but they didn't work out and she is really focused on herself.

-"THE GIRL FROM WILL AND GRACE", when Kim referred to Debra Messing as this, I SCREAMED.

-It's really wild to watch Khloe and Tristan together... because another woman is literally pregnant with his child while they are filming. It's insane to me.

OVERALL. They sucked me back in. I love these girls. I can't stop.