Suddenly, Kourtney Kardashian Rules Us All

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Suddenly, Kourtney Kardashian Rules Us All

You might be under the impression that Kim Kardashian is the most powerful Kardashian of the all, but you'd be wrong. It's Kourtney. And it's not because she has the most followers (she doesn't), or because she's the most interesting to look at (sorry, she's not), it's because Kourtney Kardashian is straight up the scariest Kardashian to ever walk this earth.

Kourtney is small, but she is mighty. In the past year alone she has reportedly pushed for the end of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (the show that literally fed her entire family), she started a high profile relationship with a legit rock star, rebranded herself as punk, and now, she's engaged.

Travis Barker proposed to Kourtney on Sunday, Oct. 17, on the beach, standing in the middle of a giant heart made of red roses, while cameras for the Kardashian's new Hulu show captured every romantic moment. (A TikTok from Barker's son, Landon Barker appears to confirm that cameras were present at the post-engagement dinner.)

Looks like Kourtney doesn't mind filming, after all, as long as her storyline is good. It's this ability to control the narrative that makes her powerful — and frightening. (Not to mention the whole "going berserk" on an airplane. Shudder.)

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Think about it: Kourtney went from "least interesting to look at" to being one half of a celebrity power couple filming her engagement for a brand new show. Her mind! Her power! All while her baby daddy, Scott Disick, drums up new storylines for her by complaining about her and Travis' constant PDA in "private" DMs that were leaked to the press. And that's not even considering her new high-profile friendships with Addison Rae and Megan Fox. She's so big, she's starring in the new Skims campaign — without Kim — and even has Kim K hyping her up, tweeting about "Kravis."

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