What Teacher Wanted to Ruin Your Life?

This week on the podcast, we recapped the underrated 1999 thriller, "Teaching Mrs. Tingle." The movie follows a high school history teacher (played flawlessly by recent SAG Award winner Helen Mirren) who won't rest until she ruins the lives of everyone around her and makes sure her students fail - in her class, but also in life.

Naturally, my mind went racing to teachers in my past that seemed to have Tingle-like vendettas against me. It wasn't easy, as I was a five-time citizenship award winner, but there is one instructor that sticks out to me. Mrs. Meyers, my sixth grade English teacher, who found that my love of talking to my peers was her biggest pet peeve. I personally think she was jealous of my charisma and ability to control the class in ways she couldn't, but whatever the reason - I had made an enemy in the form of this middle school teacher. She would move my seat EVERY DAY so that I wasn't sitting near any friends to make an example of me. But I didn't shut up. What can I say? I love a challenge, and well-behaved gays seldom make history.

Was there a teacher in your past who had it out for you and wasn't pleased by you no matter what you did? Share your stories below and then listen to our "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" episode to hear more details of our villainous educators!