If you listened to today's podcast, you know, I cannot stop talking about The Dropout (on HULU). I literally bring it up in every single conversation, and I can't seem to stop, and honestly, I'm not really trying that hard.

I love it. I can't get enough of it tbh. This woman, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Holmes is a sociopathic, greedy woman, and the way Amanda Seyfried is portraying her is 10/10. Run her the Emmy's NOW.

I want this series to literally be 50 episodes long, I wish they did it "24" style where we saw every single minute of this ponzi scheme because I need it all.

My favorite part of the series is obviously when she is in her office in her Patagonia vest, drinking her green juice and dancing robotically but attempting to be seductive to "How To Love" by Lil Wayne. *chefs kiss*