I am torn. I am torn between wanting to not keep my eyes off what is going on between Kanye and Pete/Kim, and also I feel like the more we watch the more the situation could possibly escalate.

Yesterday Kanye took to IG (again...) to point out that one of his kid had mom and dad pins on their backpack basically insinuating that they want them back together and the caption was rambling about how not seeing them. Then Kimmy stepped in, who for the most part except one IG story, has kept quiet. She commented and called him out for this narrative because he had just seen his kids that morning to take them to school. Now you know Kimmy is fed up when she actually comments.

Idk, I just feel confused because it is such a public spectacle, and you really can't avoid it no matter how hard you try. Also, I don't know if I will ever tire of the Kardasians. Right when I want to give up on them, they do something that I can't help but follow. The magic of Kris Jenner.