🎶these are my confessions🎶 pt. two

I have a major confesh. And before I get into it all, I want to remind everyone that I am a 29-year-old woman. But you guys, I love Tik Tok drama. I can't get enough. I watch the podcast videos, the pap videos, I am in DEEP. I love these young 20-something LA transplants who do the lil dancey dances. It's all soooo incestual, and it is FULL of drama, and it's delicious.

Also, there is this one couple on TikTok who are ✨ToXiC✨ like I'm talking they go on lives to discuss their custody agreements. It is MESSSSSY. I have spent hours watching their videos, where they shade each other, talk about each other, they do it all. I highly recommend getting over there and checking it out. Garrett and Kylee. Two demons. I love them.