So I watch a lot of Gilmore Girls, and I mean a lot, it is basically always on and I just want to drop some random thoughts I have.

- Emily was never wrong. She was right to throw that all-boy Yale party for Rory, she was right to be upset that Lorelei never told her about the engagement with Max, I mean the list goes on and on.

-Christopher and Lorelei are end game.

-LANE DESERVED BETTER. Just as a whole I think she deserved so much better than getting pregnant and married to Zach... I wanted her to be with someone deserving of her!

-Lorelei ran Max ragged and then terrorized him at Chilton.

-Lindsay's mom was right to cuss out Rory and Lorelei in the town square.

-Rory lost her mind when she cut her hair much like Carole Radziwill.

-Jess was mean to everyone but Rory and that is a horrible quality in a SO.